Anthurium Magnificum vs Crystallinum: 8 Main Differences

Green veiny houseplants have a timeless beauty. These are always trendy and eye-catching. This is why Anthurium Magnificum and Crystallinum are trendy decorative plants.

Additionally, both plants are preferred for their beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, both plants are challenging to tell apart.

Anthurium Magnificum and Crystallinum have similar leaves and almost identical care conditions. It is common for new collectors to feel confused between them.

If this is the case with you, you will find some reliable information in this Anthurium Magnificum vs. Crystallinum comparison. We will widely discuss the characteristics and differences between them.

Anthurium Magnificum vs Anthurium Crystallinum
The main differences between Anthurium Magnificum and Crystallinum are their leaf color, leaf size, leaf shape, juvenile leaves, natural habitat, growth style, stem features, and flowers. Both plants have green, veiny leaves, but those of the Anthurium Magnificum is lighter with more prominent veins.

What is Anthurium Magnificum?

Anthurium Magnificum falls into the category of exotic tropical plants. Its leaves are highly praised for having a medium green color. They also feature pronounced, beautiful, creamy white veins.

Despite its undeniable beauty and minimal care, this plant is challenging to find. The natural habitat of this Anthurium variety is Colombia.

As the name suggests, this plant is a member of the Anthurium genus. However, its physical appearance makes many gardeners think it is a philodendron.

Perhaps the big, cordate green leaves and the prominent veins are to blame for this confusion. Still, these two genera descend from the same Araceae family.

Anthurium Magnificum grows as a climber due to its epiphytic nature. As a tropical plant, this plant loves humidity and warm climates.

So, it grows best when left at home at temperatures between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius. The suitable soil for growing this Anthurium variety should be a well-drained mix with a little moisture.

Anthurium Magnificum likes a bit of dampness.

What is Anthurium Crystallinum?

Currently, Anthurium Crystallinum is one of the trendiest houseplants. It is trendy due to its ace-like foliage. The obvious contrast between its deep green leaves and almost cordate foliage makes this plant highly demanding.

The leaves of the Crystallinum are more on the oval side. The leaves also feature prominent white veins. Despite prominent veins, this plant is also prized for its velvety foliage.

This Anthurium variety is uncommon and slow to grow. This plant won’t grow very large, but its leaves will surely do. This plant is not a vine, so it doesn’t climb or trail. Anthurium Crystallinum is a self-heading plant.

This plant goes by the name “Crystal Anthurium.” This is a flowering houseplant with different bloom colors. Its flowers can either be yellow or purple. 

Its flowers have a sugary fragrance that resembles a ripe fruit. Looking at the undersides of Crystal Anthurium leaves reveals a gorgeous reddish color.

This plant makes its home in the jungles of South and Central America. So, it is not going to thrive well outdoors in cold conditions. However, your outdoor garden can have suitable needs if you reside in hardiness zones 11 and 13.

In addition to being an eye-catching decorative houseplant, Anthurium Crystallinum works well as an air purifier. It is a flowering plant, but it won’t usually produce flowers indoors.

It should be kept outdoors to see those beautiful flowers. However, if outdoors is not an option, its gorgeous, dark leaves will definitely do the deed.

Differences between Anthurium Magnificum and Crystallinum

Anthurium Magnificum and Crystallinum are very similar plants. It gets challenging to distinguish between these two. However, expert eyes can easily spot the differences.

You can start looking for differences in the details of each plant’s leaves.

1. Leaf color

Anthurium Magnificum and Crystallinum have green leaves. However, they do not have the same shade of green.

The leaves of the Anthurium Magnificum are more moderate or medium green, whereas the leaves of the Anthurium Crystallinum are darker.

2. Leaf shape

At first glance, you might think the leaves look identical. They do have similar cordate shapes.

The Anthurium Magnificum, on the other hand, has a perfect heart shape. The leaves of Anthurium Crystallinum are narrower and more oval than the leaves of Anthurium Magnificum.

3. Leaf size

Another notable difference between Anthurium Magnificum and Crystallinum is the size of their leaves.

Both plants are famous for having large leaves, but there is a notable difference.

The mature leaves of Anthurium Crystallinum grow larger than Anthurium Magnificum. The mature leaves of Anthurium Magnificum reach a size of 26 cm, whereas those of Anthurium Crystallinum reach a length of 41 cm.

4. Juvenile leaves

The mature leaves of both plants are green, but they do not start this way. Anthurium Crystallinum’s newly unfurled leaves are maroon red.

Younger Anthurium Magnificum leaves, on the other hand, are golden green.

5. Natural habitat

While both plants are native to South America, Anthurium Crystallinum is found in far more places. Anthurium Magnificum is exclusively native to Colombia.

Anthurium Crystallinum, on the other hand, is located in Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and other neighboring countries.

6. Growth style

As both plants grow, you can notice a difference in their growth patterns. Anthurium Magnificum is a natural climber, as it has aerial roots.

These roots allow the Magnificum plants to latch onto and grow on other surfaces. Anthurium Crystallinum, on the other hand, is not an epiphyte. It is a self-heading plant. It grows on the ground.

7. Stem features

The stems of both plants are different. The stems of Anthurium Magnificum are thin and fragile, whereas those of Anthurium Crystallinum are thick and fleshy.

8. Flowers

Both plants can flower, but it is rare for them to bloom in indoor gardens. But if you are lucky enough to witness them bloom, you can notice a difference in their fragrances.

Crystallinum flowers have a sweet odor that reminds you of ripe fruit. The flowers of Anthurium Magnificum have a refreshing scent that resembles menthol.

Anthurium Magnificum vs. Crystallinum: Are they the same?

No, Anthurium Magnificum and Crystallinum are not the same plants. They are almost identical in terms of physical appearance.

However, there are significant differences if you take a closer look at the details of each plant’s leaves. Also, their flowers and growing habits are different.

Younger Anthurium Magnificum leaves are typically golden green. Then, they grow to be medium green. On the other hand, the young leaves of Anthurium Crystallinum are maroon red.

They mature to become dark green. The leaves of Anthurium Crystallinum are noticeably more extensive and more oval, whereas those of Anthurium Magnificum are wider and perfectly heart-shaped.

Anthurium Magnificum is native to many parts of Central and South America. Anthurium Crystallinum is only endemic to Colombia. Crystallinum stems are thicker and stronger than Anthurium Magnificum stems.

The former grows on the ground, while the latter climbs on other surfaces. The flowers of Anthurium Crystallinum smell like sugary fruits, whereas those of Magnificum smell like menthol.

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