Emerald Pothos vs Global Green: 6 Main Differences

When you search for beautiful houseplants that are adaptive and easy to care for, the name pothos is always a top choice. Pothos, or Epipremnum aureum, is a genus that contains evergreen, attractive plants that look pretty much alike.

This resemblance might explain why many growers feel confused when telling emerald pothos and global green pothos apart.

Both plants are two of the prettiest and rarest pothos varieties. They look similar with their small heart-shaped leaves, but they reflect other differences.

In this emerald pothos vs. global green article, we will shed some light on the differences and features of both plants.

Emerald Pothos vs. Global Green
The main differences between Emerald Pothos and Global Green are their leaf color, variegation color, plant size, leaf size, light needs, and water needs. Both plants have variegated green leaves, but the Emerald green has lighter green leaves with darker variegations, while the Global green pothos has darker leaves with lighter variegations.

What is Emerald Pothos?

The botanical name of this plant is Epipremnum aureum emerald. Sometimes, this plant is called the Aureum emerald. It is a tropical ornamental plant.

This pothos variety is highly praised for its evergreen foliage and heart-shaped variegated leaves; it is highly sought-after despite its rarity. The leaves are usually moderate to dark green with light green variegation spots.

This plant originally came from the rainforests of the Pacific Islands, specifically French Polynesia. However, it is commonly found in tropical parts of Southeast Asia and Australia.

This plant is not demanding in terms of care. For instance, it can tolerate poorer light and won’t mind bright indirect sun rays either.

Emerald pothos can stand limited periods of drought. So, overwatering is the main culprit in killing this plant, not a lack of watering. This plant resembles many other members of the Araceae family in terms of producing aerial roots.

This means it can climb or trail, depending on the desired growing style. But generally, trailing suits the emerald pothos pretty well.

What is Global Green Pothos?

This plant is botanically known as Epipremnum aureum, or “global green.” Sometimes, it is called Epipremnum global green. Global green pothos is another unique and uncommon member of the Epipremnum aureum genus. Finding or purchasing this plant takes work.

There are also patent rights for a plant-growing company. This means that only this company can legally propagate the global green pothos.

This plant’s exact origin is unknown, but it is definitely not far from the rest of the pothos group. It is commonly found in tropical parts of the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia.

The glossy, cordate green leaves are one of the many reasons why this plant is so popular. Additionally, the global green pothos is a low-maintenance plant that works for beginners or busy plant parents.

This plant can fit on any desk or kitchen table as a juvenile plant. A mature global green pepper, on the other hand, will not remain this way. It will need support to climb, or you can let it cascade from a hanger.

The leaves of this plant reflect a dark green shade. They are also variegated in a lemon-lime shade. Like the rest of the arum family, the global green pothos is considered toxic for children and house pets.

What are the Differences between Emerald Pothos and Global Green?

An inexperienced eye can mistakenly consider emerald pothos and global green the same plant. They surely share a few physical similarities and almost identical care conditions. However, getting a closer look at both plants will reveal countless differences.

1. Leaf color

Leaf color is one of the most reliable elements in the emerald pothos and global green comparison. Indeed, both plants have green leaves, but the shades are not the same. Global green pothos has deep green leaves, while the emerald pothos has lighter ones.

2. Variegation color

Another helpful clue for identifying both plants is the color of the variegated spots. Both plants have green leaves with green variegations. However, the shade of the variegated blotches is diverse.

Emerald pothos has variegated areas with darker shades of green. Usually, the emerald pothos features variegated blotches at the center of each leaf.

Global green pothos, on the other hand, has lemon-lime marbled blotches. However, you might find some of the plant’s leaves without any signs of variegation. This is a normal thing on this marbled plant.

3. Plant size

You might not notice a difference in their sizes as juvenile plants. But when they mature, you will find a notable difference in size. Global green pothos is slightly larger than emerald pothos.

Under the right growth conditions, your global green pothos reaches around 3 meters long. On the other hand, Emerald pothos grows to reach about 2.5 meters long.

4. Leaf size

Ideally, the leaves will look pretty small in the juvenile phase. But mature plants can develop larger leaves. The leaves of emerald pothos can grow longer than those of global green pothos.

They usually reach up to 60 cm. The mature global green pothos leaves are half the size of the emerald pothos. They typically reach a length of 30 cm.

5. Light needs

As tropical plants, emerald pothos and global green thrive under bright, indirect natural light. However, emerald pothos shows more flexibility when adapting to lower natural light. 

Global green pothos, on the other hand, won’t grow properly without the bright sun in the room. Avoid direct sunlight to keep its leaves from burning.

6. Water needs

Another point that distinguishes these similar plants is their watering needs. Typically, overwatering is an enemy for both of them. However, the emerald pothos can slightly indulge in moist soil.

The global green pothos, on the other hand, won’t stand moisture. Uncontrolled moisture contributes to infecting the global green plant with root rot.

Emerald Pothos vs Global Green Pothos: are they the same?

 Emerald pothos and global green are not the same plants. They have similar origins and are native to the same places. Also, they have green cordate leaves, but you can find many differences in their appearances and care requirements.

The leaves of global green pothos are darker and shorter than those of emerald pothos. However, the global green pothos is much larger in overall size.

The variegation of both plants is the opposite. Emerald pothos has dark green blotches, while global green has marbled chartreuse variegation.

Last but not least, both plants have slightly different requirements in terms of water and light. Global green pothos requires bright indirect sunlight, whereas Emerald pothos can tolerate lower light levels.

The Emerald pothos can tolerate accidental overwatering and loves some moisture in its soil. Moisture is intolerable for global green pothos.

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