Florida Ghost vs Florida Beauty: 8 Main Differences

Comparing Florida ghost and Florida beauty has created a wide debate among houseplant growers. Due to the similar first names, some people might believe they are the same plant.

However, they are different varieties that happen to share some similarities. They are like the silver splash plant, originating from the same family.

So, if you are interested in growing one or both plants, this article can help you distinguish them. Also, you can understand their basic features and the causes of such common confusion. So, read on for more insight.

Philodendron Florida Ghost vs Philodendron Florida Beauty
The main differences between Philodendron Florida Ghost and Philodendron Florida Beauty are their sizes, variegation, leaf color, leaf shapes, stem features, temperatures, fertilizing, and dormancy. Both plants show lobes on their leaves, but Florida Beauty starts its life cycle with oval and lobe-free leaves.

What is Philodendron Florida Ghost?

The Florida ghost is one of the Philodendron genus and the Araceae. But it is unique and does not look like other houseplants. Its white leaves give this plant its one-of-a-kind appearance.

These unique leaves are why it is called a Florida ghost plant. The overall shape of the leaves combined with their pale color gives them some resemblance to ghosts.

This plant is native to South American countries. But it is getting increasingly common as a houseplant in North America. Philodendron Florida Ghost falls into the category of climbing plants.

Using a moss pole allows this plant to reach its maximum height. This means an adult plant can be around 1.5 meters under the right conditions. In some cases, though, ghost plants reach 3 meters tall.

What is Philodendron Florida Beauty?

Florida Beauty is also a philodendron plant belonging to the Arum or Araceae family. Florida Beauty is native to South America and the Caribbean region.

But it is widely cultivated in Central and North America. Florida Beauty and Florida Ghost are both evergreen plants. Another similarity between these varieties is that they are both climbers.

This plant features deep green leaves, but its stem is particularly unique. It has a pink or reddish stem that is not very thick compared to other philodendrons.

Such color integration creates a lovely visual contrast. Under ideal growth conditions, the plant will climb till it reaches about 30 meters tall.

What are the Differences between Florida Ghost and Florida Beauty?

The outside appearances of Florida ghost and Florida beauty can lead to confusion. The distinctive shape of their leaves might be the cause for such confusion. But a close, in-depth look can reveal differences.

1. Plant size

Each one of these plants needs support to climb. Typically, they can hug neighboring trees and climb onto their trunks. However, as house plants, they will climb on poles or trellises for support. However, the eventual height varies between a Florida Ghost Plant and a Florida Beauty Plant.

The ghost plant reaches an average height between 1.5 and 3 meters tall. On the other side, a Florida Beauty plant achieves an altitude between 27 and 30 meters.

2. Variegation

Florida Ghost has no variegation at any stage. Florida Beauty is a variegated plant. It is sometimes called “Florida Beauty variegated.” The plant’s leaves feature beautiful and diverse variegation patterns.

Usually, the leaves combine deep green and creamy white. Sometimes, a variegated Florida beauty leaf appears divided into two halves, and each half has one of these colors.

3. Leaf Color

This is one of the best and most straightforward ways to identify both plants. The leaf color does not leave room for confusion. The leaves of Florida Ghost Plants are white, while the leaves of Florida Beauty Plants are variegated with a blend of whitish and rich green shades.

But remember that the leaves of your Florida Ghost will lose their creamy white shade when it becomes a fully-grown plant.

4. Leaf shape

Aside from the colors and variegation, you might think the leaves of each plant look identical. It is partially true but not entirely correct. As mature plants, they feature lobed leaves.

But a younger Florida beauty plant has only the standard oval and lengthy leaves. However, it develops lobs during its growing cycle.

5. Stem features

The stem of the Florida Beauty is not to be mistaken with any other similar plant of the same Philodendron genus. The unique stem is tall and red, with many small knots or gnarls.

This stem is not soft. The stem of a Florida Ghost plant is not red or pink, as it is only green. It is also softer than Florida Beauty. It does not have any knots or fuzz.

6. Ideal temperature

Both plants won’t tolerate cold weather. But the ideal temperature for each of them can vary. For instance, Florida Ghost needs a warmer atmosphere compared to Florida Beauty. Keep the Florida Ghost in a room with a temperature range of 60 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 35 degrees Celsius).

As for the Florida beauty, it needs at least 13 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature it can tolerate is 27 degrees Celsius.

7. Dormancy during the winter

During winter, the Florida Ghost Plant goes dormant. This is when this plant ceases to grow during cold weather. The ghost plant spares all its power. So, you don’t have to go out of your way to fertilize or expose it to light. Just keep it moderately watered.

The plant resumes its growth cycle when spring starts. This is when you should add fertilizers if the plant needs them. Dormancy is another point where Florida ghost and Florida beauty go separate ways. The Florida Beauty plant won’t go dormant at any time of the year.

8. Fertilizing

Both plants prefer the same type of fertilizer. Typically, any fertilizer with high nitrogen levels will be an ideal choice. However, the difference lies in the timing of fertilization. Due to its dormancy, you can’t fertilize the Florida Ghost during the winter.

However, you can do it during the growing seasons in the summer and spring. Florida Beauty, however, can be fertilized as needed throughout the year.

Florida Ghost vs Florida Beauty: are they the same?

No, Florida Ghost and Florida Beauty are completely different plants. Both plants fall into the Philodendron genus of the Arum plant family. They have similar leaf shapes and growing conditions. But this is pretty much everything. They both show different appearances and growth styles.

The leaves are different in color, as the Florida Ghost has white leaves that change to green throughout its growth cycle. The Florida Beauty has variegated leaves.

The stems of both plants reflect different colors and textures, as the Florida ghost is a smooth, long green stem. However, the Florida beauty features a red, bumpy, and long stem.

Both plants have similar growing conditions, but some differences exist in creating their ideal environments. The Florida Ghost needs a hotter atmosphere and more humidity.

Also, the Florida Ghost goes through dormancy during winter, but Florida Beauty is not a dormant plant. Also, both plants are climbers, but the Florida Ghost climbs longer than the Florida Beauty.

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