Haworthia Coarctata vs Reinwardtii: 7 Main Differences

Haworthias are every gardener’s favorite houseplant. They are some of the most patient plants. Plants like Haworthia Coarctata or Reinwardtii grow beautifully without much effort or fuss.

However, the main problem with this succulent is that Haworthia Coarctata and Haworthia Reinwardtii look almost identical. As a result, determining which plant is which is problematic.

We will help you quickly identify each plant if you face the same issue. So, you can just read this Haworthia Coarctata vs. Reinwardtii comparison for more insight into the features and differences between these two similar Haworthia varieties.

Haworthia Coarctata vs. Reinwardtii
The main differences between Haworthia Coarctata and Reinwardtii are their leaf size, leaf shape, mature size, spiral appearance, leaf marking, flowers, and growth speed. Both plants have rosette-like leaves, but the leaves of Haworthia Reinwardtii are more elongated and thinner.

What is Haworthia Coarctata?

Haworthia Coarctata is one of these unique houseplants that looks very different from your everyday ornamental vines. It is a flowering houseplant with fleshy, dark foliage.

Haworthia Coarctata comes from the Asphodelaceae family. Haworthia Coarctata belongs to the Haworthiopsis genus.

The thick leaves are marked with an unusual mottled pattern. The white dots spread all over the leaf undersides. There are no branches to support the spread of leaves.

The leaves grow around the stems. As this plant grows, its foliage takes the form of rosettes. Haworthia Coarctata is not a large grower. So, it is an ideal plant to grow in a pot.

There is no need to use outside support to make this plant grow upright. It depends on its stems and spiral rosettes. Under ideal growth conditions, this plant reaches a height of 21 cm. 

Despite being a flowering plant, its flowers are not the center of attention. This plant is popular due to its strange but beautiful leaves. You might come across this plant with purple leaves instead of green. This might be due to sun stress.

What is Haworthia Reinwardtii?

It is another lovely Haworthia variety that looks very special and unusual. Haworthia Reinwardtii is native to South Africa, like the ZZ raven. The common name of this Haworthia variety is zebra warts.

This nickname can describe the physical appearance of the plant. It looks as if it has the stripes of a zebra.

The leaves of Haworthia Reinwardtii are famous for having narrow and elongated leaves. They are usually a moderate green color.

However, you can find their edges colored purple or maroon when the plant gets too much direct sunlight. The pattern of little white spots is scattered all over the leaf backsides.

Haworthia Reinwardtii thrives best when exposed to full sun and increased humidity. So, it is not a cold hardy plant. However, this plant won’t be a hassle to grow.

The length of a fully grown Haworthia Reinwardtii is nearly 35 cm. As a juvenile plant, it is only 5 cm long.

Differences between Haworthia Coarctata and Haworthia Reinwardtii

Haworthia Coarctata and Reinwardtii are equally beautiful succulents. They look a lot like each other, which causes common confusion.

Despite all the obvious similarities, you can still tell these closely related plants apart. It gets easier when you look at both of them simultaneously.

1. Leaf size

The leaf size is a reliable recognition sign in the Haworthia Coarctata vs. Reinwardtii comparison. The Haworthia Coarctata leaves are a bit shorter.

Mature leaves of Haworthia Coarctata are usually around 5 cm long. The leaves of Haworthia Reinwardtii are usually 8 cm long.

2. Leaf shape

From a distance, you might think the leaves are all the same. However, a closer look reveals a real difference in their physical appearance.

For instance, the leaves of Haworthia Coarctata are fleshier, whereas those of Haworthia Reinwardtii are thin and narrow. The former has almost rounded leaves, whereas the latter has elongated ones.

3. Mature size

Haworthia Coarctata and Reinwardtii remain container plants throughout all their life stages. However, a mature Haworthia Reinwardtii grows a bit taller.

Its mature height usually ranges between 30 and 35 cm. A mature Haworthia Coarctata, on the other hand, reaches a height of 20 cm.

4. Spiral appearance

The leaves of both Haworthia Coarctata and Haworthia Reinwardtii do not grow on branches or petioles. They form spiral rows around their stems.

However, their spirals look different. The leaf spirals of Haworthia Reinwardtii are fuller and less open than those of Haworthia Coarctata.

5. Leaf marking

Both plants have a similar white spot pattern all over their leaves. The spots on Haworthia Reinwardtii, however, are less prominent.

The spots on Haworthia Coarctata are white, whereas, in Haworthia Reinwardtii, they are more on the creamy side.

6. Flowers

Flowers are one of the most obvious ways to tell these two plants apart. You can wait till spring to see their blooms. The flowers of Haworthia Coarctata are always green.

The flowers of Haworthia Reinwardtii, on the other hand, are either pink or white.

7. Growth speed

At this point, the two similar plants are opposed. Haworthia Coarctata is a fast grower. Haworthia Reinwardtii, on the other hand, grows slowly.

This plant can spend its whole life in the same pot. It would be best to start with a decently sized pot to avoid repotting.

Haworthia Coarctata vs Haworthia Reinwardtii: Are they the same?

NoHaworthia coarctata and Reinwardtii are not the same plant. They look almost identical due to their same origins and family. Both of them have similar rosette-like leaves.

Additionally, they grow upright without external support. Neither of them has petioles to hold their foliage. Still, they are entirely different Haworthia varieties.

The leaves of Haworthia Coarctata are shorter and wider. They have a Lancelot-like shape, whereas Haworthia Reinwardtii has a narrow boat-like shape. 

Haworthia Coarctata grows a little bit shorter than Haworthia Reinwardtii. Additionally, the H. Coarctata has a more pronounced spot pattern that is whiter.

The rosette spirals of Haworthia Coarctata are not as full as those of Haworthia Reinwardtii. As for the color of the flowers, the former has green ones, while the latter has pink or white ones.

Last but not least, Haworthia Reinwardtii is a slow grower, while Haworthia Coarctata grows relatively faster.

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