Hoya Australis Lisa vs Hoya Krimson Princess: 9 Differences

Hoyas have been in everyone’s houseplant collection forever. But there are always new varieties surfacing and making growers want them. Hoya Australis Lisa and Hoya Krimson Princess are only examples of highly popular Hoyas. Unfortunately, many new growers feel confused when they try to buy either.

The issue of Hoya Australis Lisa and Krimson Princess is challenging to settle, as the plants look somehow alike. If these similar plants confuse you, this article will give you an insight into their differences. We will also break down the features of each plant, so you can quickly identify them.

Hoya Australis Lisa vs Krimson Princess
The main differences between Hoya Australis Lisa and Krimson Princess are their origin, leaf shape, plant size, stem color, leaf texture, growth style, variegation, and flower color. Both plants are variegated Hoya varieties, but Hoya Australis Lisa is variegated in light green, while Krimson Princess is variegated in white.

What is Hoya Australis Lisa?

Hoya Australis Lisa is one of the trendy varieties of the Hoya, especially in the US and Europe. It is a variegated plant that originates from Hoya Australis.

The plant reflects a bright yellow shade with light creamy variegation. Its botanical name is Hoya Australis tenuipes Lisa. This Hoya was discovered 2 decades ago.

As the name suggests, Hoya Australis is native to tropical parts of Australia. However, it is also commonly found in the eastern parts of Asia. It is an evergreen climbing vine with beautiful flowers.

This plant is considered one of the succulent-likes. It is also a part of the Apocynaceae plant family. Its leaves are glossy with a thick texture. The flowers are usually white with a touch of red.

What is Hoya Krimson Princess?

Krimson Princess is another descendant of the Hoya genus. Its botanical name is Hoya Carnosa Rubra. The natural habitat of this variety is the rainforests of Asia and Australia.

This is also a variegated variety of Hoya. It is famous for its beautiful creamy foliage with pinkish stems.

The leaves of this plant are oblong with deep green edges. The center of the leaves is white or creamy. The Krimson Princess plant produces pinkish flowers.

Hoya Krimson Princess is not a toxic plant, so it is safe for kids and pets. One of the attractive features of this plant is the Krimson Princess’s hue. It usually has a reddish shade.

Differences between Hoya Australis Lisa and Krimson Princess

At first glance, the leaves of Hoya Australis Lisa and Krimson Princess can look pretty similar. However, if you look closely, you will easily tell them apart. The leaf shape, color, growth habits, and many other features can help you recognize each plant effortlessly.

1. Origin

Both plants are semi-succulents and descend from the same Hoya line. However, they are created from very different plants. Hoya Lisa is the variegated version of the Hoya Australis plant. Krimson Princesson the other handis a variegated version of Hoya Carnosa.

2. Growth style

Despite being closely related, both plants feature entirely different growth patterns. Hoya Krimson Princess is more flexible when it comes to growing options. It is a natural climber that grows large when supported by a moss pole.

It can also be grown in a hanging basket, where it can trail and cascade. The Australis Lisa plant won’t show this flexibility. It only grows as a climber.

3. Leaf shape

It is evident when you look at both plants side by side that their leaves are different shapes. Indeed, both of them have oval leaves. However, the leaves of Hoya Krimson Princess are elongated.

The leaves of Hoya Australis Lisa are a bit rounded at the edges. The leaves of Hoya Australis Lisa are also broader than Krimson Princess’s leaves.

4. Leaf color

In addition to the apparent difference in the variegation color, the leaves can be very determining in recognizing both plants. The color of the newly unfurled leaves of Hoya Australis Lisa is bright red.

Then they change to deep green as they grow. The new leaves of Krimson Princess are always green. Then, they develop creamy variegation as they get older.

5. Leaf texture

When you feel both leaves, you will notice a difference in their texture. The leaves of Hoya Australis Lisa are more delicate and thinner. The texture of the Krimson Princess leaves is fleshier and thicker. They even feel waxier as well.

6. Stem color

The stems of Hoya Australis Lisa and Krimson Princess are another distinguishing feature. Both plants have long stems, but the colors are entirely different. The Krimson Princess has pink stems, while the Hoya Australis Lisa has standard green stems.

7. Variegation

The leaves of Hoya Australis Lisa are variegated in their center. The color of the variegated areas is unusually light green or a bit pale yellow. The leaves of Hoya Krimson Princess have white variegation down their centers.

8. Plant size

The size of both plants can easily tell you which one is which. This is particularly obvious when you compare mature plants. Hoya Australis Lisa is a large plant, reaching a height of 13 feet indoors.

The Krimson Princess plant is way smaller than the Hoya Australis Lisa. A mature Krimson princess is nearly 4 feet long.

9. Flower color

Looking at the flowers of hoya Australis Lisa and Krimson princess reveals another major difference. Both plants have beautiful flowers that look like small stars. Their blooms have the same scent, like chocolate mixed with vanilla. However, the color of their flowers is never the same.

The flowers of Hoya Australis Lisa are white, while Krimson Princess plants have pink flowers with reddish centers.

Hoya Australis Lisa vs Hoya Krimson princess: are they the same?

No, Hoya Australis Lisa and Krimson princess are not the same plants. They come from the same family and genus and are variegated. Hoya Australis Lisa and Krimson Princess have attractive foliage and fragrant flowers.

Also, they are not considered poisonous to humans or animals. Last but not least, they suit the needs of a busy or a newbie grower, as they are not demanding plants.

However, both reflect noticeable differences that even a newbie collector can quickly notice. For instance, Hoya Australis Lisa grows only as a climber and becomes large. Krimson Princess is a smaller plant that grows as a climber and a trailing vine.

The leaves of Krimson Princess have white or cream variegations. They are also thicker and waxier. Leaves of Hoya Australis Lisa have more delicate leaves with light green variegations.

Also, their stems reflect different colors. The stems of Krimson Princess are pink, while those of Hoya Australis Lisa are green.

The Hoya Australis The Lisa has shorter and more round leaves, while the Krimson Princess has long leaves shaped like a Lancelot. Their flowers are different in color as well. The Krimson Princess plant has pink flowers, while it has white flowers.

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