Philodendron Dark Lord vs Philodendron Majesty

When picking a new philodendron for your plant collection, things can be pretty tricky. There are countless plants under this category.

When you look for fresh recommendations, fellow growers might suggest Philodendron dark or Philodendron majesty. But if you try to get one of those alone, you might feel very confused.

Deciding on Philodendron Dark Lord or Majesty is tricky due to their apparent similarities. In this article, we will help you understand the differences between them. We will also discuss the basic features of each plant for easy identification.

Philodendron Dark Lord vs Philodendron Majesty
The main differences between Philodendron Dark Lord and Majesty are their leaf shape, leaf texture, leaf size, leaf color, leaf stalk, stem features, natural habitat, and watering needs. Despite featuring dark leaves, their colors are very different. The dark lord has purple leaves, while the majesty has green ones.

What is Philodendron Dark Lord?

This variety of philodendrons is pretty popular despite being a rare plant. This interesting plant is somehow pricy too. But all this is for a good reason; the Dark Lord has unique and attractive foliage that catches the attention instantly.

In addition to its unique deep purplish bloody color, the plant is highly praised for its big leaves.

This hybrid plant originated in the tropical parts of Panama and Colombia. However, these are not the only locations where this unusual plant can be found; you can find it worldwide.

For instance, it grows naturally in parts of Africa, including Seychelles, and parts of Asia, including the Philippines. The Dark Lord Plant is also famous for its long reddish stems.

What is Philodendron Majesty?

Philodendron majesty is a rare variety of the philodendron genus. It is another hybrid variety with special dark leaves and a natural climber with aerial roots. The roots of Philodendron majesty grow pretty fast. This plant grows to be a large climber or a trailing plant.

The philodendron majesty features green leaves that turn very dark at maturity in its well-known form. Its leaves are fat and long. The stalks of this beautiful plant are relatively lengthy. Such a length allows them to carry those thick leaves.

Philodendron majesty descends from the arum family, which has over 3,000 plants. Its natural home is in the tropical parts of South America. It is commonly found in the Pacific Islands. The leaves of this plant have a straight Lancelot shape with a glossy surface.

What are the Differences between Philodendron Dark Lord and Majesty?

If you are about to decide on philodendron dark lord or majesty, you will need to get a closer look at both plants. Their leaves are the cause of the common confusion.

Both of them develop unique dark leaves, but they have different shades, details, and sizes. Also, the stem styles of both plants are remarkably diverse.

1. Leaf shape

At a distance, the leaves can seem almost identical. They both reflect dark shades. But their shape is never the same. The leaves of Philodendron dark lord look like an arrow or a Lancelot. The leaf has straight borders and a pointy edge.

The leaves of Philodendron Majesty look like an imperfect heart shape. However, they don’t feature the perfect cordate appearance. They have a slightly rounded tip.

2. Leaf texture

The leaves of both plants are generally soft, but the softness levels are different. When you touch a leaf of a Philodendron majesty plant, you can feel its midrib.

The leaves of the dark lord plant are extremely smooth, as there are no noticeable veins on their surfaces. They also show more glossiness than the majesty leaves.

3. Leaf size

Both plants have long leaves, but the leaves of the dark lord are a bit larger. A mature dark lord reaches 56 cm in length, while the grown leaves of philodendron majesty are 46 cm.

4. Leaf color

The name Dark Lord does not describe the plant leaves’ situation. Most of the leaves are dark purple, but not all of them. You can find leaves reflecting a brownish-green shade. On the other hand, the leaves of Philodendron majesty have a very dark green hue.

5. Leaf stalk

Another significant difference between Philodendron dark lord and Majesty is the color of the leaf stalk. The Philodendron majesty is an all-green plant.

As a result, its petioles are a deep green color. On the other hand, the dark lord features reddish or deep pink stalks.

6. Stem features

If you shift your eyes slightly downward, you notice a difference in their stems. The stem of Philodendron majesty is a bit fatter and fleshier than the Philodendron dark lord.

The average width of the dark lord stem is 5 cm, while the stem of a philodendron majesty can reach 9 cm in diameter.

7. Natural habitat

Both plants are native to tropical rainforests but eventually thrive in different parts of the world. The dark lord plant is native to many regions across the globe.

It is native to the Philippines, Seychelles, Panama, and Colombia. The Philodendron majesty, on the other hand, is native to the rainforests of South America and the Pacific Islands.

8. Watering needs

Due to their tropical origins, both plants like moderate watering. However, the Dark Lord plant prefers more moisture than the Majesty plant. The latter needs to be watered when the soil dries out.

You can water the former when it is slightly moist. But avoid making the soil soggy.

Philodendron Dark Lord vs Philodendron Majesty: are they the same?

No, Philodendron dark lord and Philodendron majesty are not the same plants. Both plants are philodendrons with a tropical nature. However, they are native to completely different parts of the world.

Like most philodendron varieties, they show a toxic effect on humans and pets.

They both have dark leaves but reflect different shades. Also, both plants are rare hybridsThe leaves of a dark lord plant look like a pointed arrow, while the leaves of the Majesty plant look less pointy, a bit rounder, and cordate.

Also, the leaf of the dark lord is softer than that of the majesty plant. It is also a bit shorter than the Dark Lord.

As for the color, you will find noticeable differences in both leaves and petioles. They are deep green in the philodendron majesty.

The leaves of the dark lord are deep purple, while its stalks are pink or red. The Dark lord likes the soil to be slightly moist when it gets watered. The Majesty plant prefers to be completely dry.

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