Philodendron Rio vs Silver Stripe: 6 Main Differences

Who can resist a beautifully variegated philodendron? This is why many growers seek after Philodendron Rio or Silver stripe. Both plants feature attractive perennial foliage and the ability to catch the eyes instantly.

Aside from being closely related to philodendron varieties, both plants feature undeniable similarities. These similarities may explain why many growers think they are the same. However, these beautiful plants are entirely different and can be easily set apart.

In this philodendron rio vs. silver stripe comparison, we will help you understand more about each plant. We will also shed more light on their differences, so you can quickly identify them.

Philodendron Rio vs. Silver Stripe
The main differences between the Philodendron Rio and Silver Stripe are their variegation, leaf color, leaf shape, leaf tips, plant size, and rarity. Both plants have lush green foliage, but the Philodendron Rio has a lighter and duller shade of green.

What is Philodendron Rio?

Philodendron Rio is a rare cultivar of the popular Philodendron Hederaceum. So, there is no wonder that Philo Rio carries many Hederaceum characteristics. This Rio variety is flawlessly beautiful, but the only downside is its price. It is relatively expensive, yet its rarity might justify the high cost.

This plant’s scientific name is Philodendron Hederaceum Rio. Its natural habitat is the same as many other philodendrons. So, it is commonly found in South and Central America tropical regions. 

The Rio plant comes from a mutation of the original Hederaceum plant. Philodendron Rio is a new variety that was cultivated in 2009.  

Philodendron Rio is a vine plant. It can climb on trellises, poles, or trails from a hanger. As this plant matures, it features a light green and yellow variegations at the center of each leaf. 

The philodendron Rio has heart-shaped leaves with elongated pointed tips.

What is Philodendron Silver Stripe?

The Philodendron Silver Stripe is another variety of Philodendron HederaceumIt is famous for its cordate leaves with prominent white variegation at the centers.

It is categorized as a creeping plant that thrives along the ground. This plant grows as a trailing vine, so you can let it cascade from a hanger.

This plant is commonly known as the sweetheart philodendron. The Silver Stripe plant features lush green foliage with attractive silvery white streaks. All these features make this plant an ideal choice for ornamenting indoors.

Your Philo Silver Strip won’t make you go the extra mile for its maintenance. It won’t need other than the standard care requirements for all tropical philodendrons. So, give it bright light, a warm atmosphere, and moderate humidity. This way, you will end up with a happy Silver Stripe plant.

What are the Differences between Philodendron Rio and Silver Stripe?

From a distance, you might think Philodendron Rio and Silver Stripe are the same. They are both variegated and green. However, focusing on the variegation of color and order makes you realize you are facing two different plants.

1. Variegation

The variegation colors are one of the most apparent differences between the Philodendron Rio and Silver stripe comparison.

The variegation on the philodendron silver stripe leaves combines light green on the leaf’s center, then cream, followed by silver shades on the edges of the variegated spot. All these colors are next to each other in this specific order.

Philodendron Rio has only silver and cream variegations. Also, the order of the variegation colors is a bit different. The leaves of Philodendron Rio have silver variegation at the center, followed by cream one.

So, the former features three colors of variegations, while the latter has only two. Also, the silver blotches are at the center of the variegated spots on the Philo Rio leaves.

The silver blotches of the silver stripe are always found on the edges of the variegated spots.  

2. Leaf color

Philodendron Rio and Silver stripe have green leaves, but they do not have the same shades.

The leaves of the Philodendron Rio have a lighter green color, while the Philodendron Silver Stripe is a bit glossier than those of the Philodendron Rio.

3. Leaf shape

Both plants have standard heart-shaped leaves, but there are slight differences in the shape details. The leaves of the Philodendron Rio are more on the long side. The leaves of the silver stripe are rounded.

4. Leaf tips

At first glance, the leaves of both plants may seem to have identical leaf tips. This is partially true, as both plants feature pointy tips on their leaves.

However, the tips of Philodendron Silver stripe leaves are more pointed. The Philodendron Rio has a bit more bent-down tips.

5.  Plant size

Both plants won’t grow very big, which makes them ideal for decorating a living room or an office. However, their mature size can slightly differ from one plant to another.

A fully-grown Philodendron Rio is smaller than the Silver Stripe. The former reaches a height of 30 cm, while the latter is nearly 50 cm long.

6. Rarity

In terms of rarity and availability, both plants are the exact opposites. Philodendron Rio is indeed a scarce yet highly praised plant.

On the other hand, the silver stripe philodendron is available and can be easily obtained. It is less expensive than the Rio cultivar, too.

Philodendron Rio vs Philodendron Silver Stripe: Are they the same?

Philodendron Rio and Silver Stripe are not the same plants. Both of them are variegated in similar colors. Also, they are cultivated from the Philodendron Hederaceum plant, so it is natural for them to look very similar. However, you can quickly notice the apparent differences between them.

The variegation of both plants is concentrated in the center of each leaf. However, the variegated spots of the Philodendron silver stripe usually have three shades next to each other. The Philodendron Rio leaves are usually variegated in only two colors.

The silver blotches on both plants are located differently. You find them on the edges of the variegated spot if you look at the Silver Stripe leaves. The leaves of Rio Philodendron have silver blotches at the center of the variegated area.

As for the leaf color, the Philodendron Silver Stripe has darker leaves. It also features glossier leaves. Also, the leaves of Philodendron Rio are elongated, while Silver Stripe’s leaves are rounder and broader. There are more pointed tips on the leaves of the Philodendron Silver Stripe.    

As for mature sizes, these plants vary a little bit. The Silver Stripe grows a bit larger than the Philo Rio. Last but not least, the philodendron Rio is a very rare cultivar. Thus, it is costly compared to other cultivars.

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