Philodendron Strawberry Shake vs Philodendron Pink Princess

If you are a big fan of philodendron plants, you will always have new additions for your garden. This genus has a wide range of beautiful plants. Philodendron strawberry shake and pink princess are only examples of these lovely plants gaining wider popularity. You see them in various indoor gardens.

However, many new growers often need help telling both of them apart. If you are in the same situation, we will help you look closely at both plants. You will get an insight into their differences and similarities, so you can consciously decide on the Philodendron strawberry shake and Pink princess.

Philodendron Strawberry Shake vs. Pink Princess
The main differences between the Philodendron strawberry shake and Pink Princess are their leaf shape, leaf color, variegation, plant size, stem color, watering needs, apparent beauty, and hardiness zone. Both plants have similar growing conditions, but the philodendron pink princess is not a hardy plant.

What is Philodendron Strawberry Shake?

This plant is a hybrid from the big Araceae family. The philodendron strawberry shake was initially made by combining hederaceum and red emerald philodendrons. It is an evergreen perennial natural climber.

The philodendron, Strawberry Shake, is native to tropical parts of North, Central, and South America. It is also commonly found in the rainforests of the Caribbean islands.

Two notable characteristics make this plant extremely popular; the leaf shape and color integration. Its leaves have a spade shape and beautiful variegations.

The shades of its large variegated leaves range from creamy white to light pink and red. These variegations create a lovely contrast with the green leaves.

Philodendron strawberry shake has a moderate growth rate. However, the ideal growth conditions will make it thrive quickly. The plant won’t need much attention.

As long as you give it bright light and a well-draining soil mix, you won’t have to worry much about the welfare of this beautiful plant.

What is the Philodendron Pink Princess?

This plant is also a hybrid that is made from Hederaceum and Eerubescens. The scientific name of this plant is Philodendron Erubescens pink princess.

The natural habitat of the Pink Princess philodendron is in Colombia. The plant is a trendy choice among ornamental houseplants. This is due to its attractive, colorful foliage.

The pink princess plant falls into the category of slow growers. It is also a cold-hardy plant. Additionally, this plant is a cascading vine with naturally variegated leaves.

Its leaves are cordate and reflect a deep green shade and pink variegations. Due to its aerial roots, you can let your plant climb on a totem pole or hang it from a basket.

Differences between Philodendron Strawberry Shake and Pink Princess?

Both plants are beautiful and easy to maintain, but a new collector might mistake one for another. Despite the common confusion between Philodendron Strawberry Shake and Pink Princess, they can be easily distinguished. The color of their leaves, variegations, and stems play an integral role in identifying them.

1. Leaf shape

Philodendron strawberry shake and Pink princess’s leaf shape are obvious signs of quick identification. The leaves of strawberry shake are way bigger and look like an ace or a triangle. 

The leaves of the pink princess plant look more like the shape of a heart. They are also notably smaller.

2. Leaf color

Looking at the leaves of juvenile philodendron strawberry shake can assist you in identifying this plant. Younger plants have reddish leaves that turn deep green as they mature.

This is not the case with the philodendron pink princess, which has green leaves in all its growth stages.

3. Variegation

This is another point that easily tells both plants apart. The pink princess plant has deep green leaves with a purplish reflection. However, it features only variegated pink spots.

The variegation of the strawberry shake plant is a little bit different. This plant features more variegation and more colorful blotches. Its leaves can have pale, creamy, yellow, white, orange, pink, or even red variegations. Such a color variety adds to the beauty of the plant.

4. Plant size

The strawberry shake plant is longer, while the pink princess spreads wider. A fully-grown strawberry shake plant reaches nearly one meter long and 30 cm wide.

When the pink princess plant reaches maturity, its height is almost 74 cm, and its width is almost 73 cm.

5. Stem color

The stem of both plants is very different in color. Philodendron strawberry shake has dark pinkish or deep reddish stems. The stems of a philodendron pink princess usually reflect a burgundy shade.

6. Watering needs

Overwatering is not a good thing for both plants. However, the pink princess won’t appreciate soggy soil. So it is better to wait for the soil till its upper half dries out.

The same thing can be applied to strawberry shake plants, yet they tolerate moist soil better.

7. Apparent beauty

Both plants are beautiful, but the beautiful foliage of the strawberry shake is a standout. The lengthy variegated leaves with pink, orange, or cream streaks can easily be noticed.

Unlike the leaves of Pink Princess, which are variegated in pink, they are relatively small.

8. Hardiness zones

Generally, both of them are collected as indoor ornamental plants. But you can grow them in your outdoor garden if you live in the right zone. The strawberry shake plant thrives well in hardiness zones between 9b and 11.

As for the pink princess plant, it grows outdoors anywhere between 10 and 12 hardiness zones. Also, the pink princess plant is cold-hardy, while the strawberry shake is not.

Philodendron strawberry shake vs Pink princess: are they the same?

No, Philodendron strawberry shake and Philodendron pink princess are not the same plants. They have streaks of pink or red on their leaves, but they are different in appearance and features. The leaves of Pink Princess are smaller and cordate, while Strawberry Shake has taller and arrow-shaped foliage.

Also, a young strawberry shake features colorful leaves that are either red or pink. However, a young or mature pink princess has green leaves. Also, the strawberry shake is taller than the pink princess as a whole plant.

The Pink Princess plant can be a bit wider, though. Their stems are also different in color, as the strawberry shake has red stems, while the pink princess has burgundy stems.

Both plants are grown in different hardiness zones, while the strawberry shake is a hardy plant. Both plants need watering only when the soil dries out completely, but the Philodendron strawberry shake can be more forgiving with excess moisture.

The answer to the comparison of philodendron strawberry shake vs. pink princess depends on what you need in your home garden. Is it something with various beautiful colors and huge leaves?

Then you should obtain a strawberry shake. Pink Princess will do the deed if you need something more compact.

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