Philodendron White Wizard vs White Knight: 6 Differences

If white variegated foliage is your thing, philodendrons can give you exactly what you need. This genus has a collection of white-variegated plants that are hard to resist.

You can get a philodendron white wizard or a philodendron white knight. However, these two stunning varieties are frequently mislabeled for one another. This is why many growers easily confuse them.

If you are looking for guidance in this matter, this Philodendron white wizard vs. white knight article will help you quickly identify them. You can look at their stems and leaf details to recognize them.

Philodendron White Wizard vs Philodendron White Knight
The main differences between Philodendron White Wizard and White Knight are their stem color, leaf shape, leaf size, variegation concentration, plant size, and growth style. Both plants have green leaves with white variegation, but the white knight has deep red stems, and the white wizard has green stems.

What is Philodendron White Wizard?

Philodendron white wizard is a hybrid variety that is not as common as other philodendrons. This plant has the classic Philodendron features, including heart-shaped green leaves.

Its leaves are variegated with white blotches. The same bright color on its stems makes this extra plant unique.

Philodendron white wizard does not have thick or strong stems. This is why they grow as creeper plants. In a way, this plant resembles other climber philodendrons.

However, it won’t spread vertically like the climbers. It will only spread horizontally. Philodendron white wizard does not grow as fast as its other philodendron relatives.

The Philodendron white wizard adores indirect exposure to bright sunlight. Lower light won’t encourage its production of white variegation.

The plant is easy to care for, as you won’t need to water it daily or prune it constantly. Remember to water only when at least half of the soil is dehydrated.

What is Philodendron White Knight?

The philodendron white knight is one of the rarest philodendrons. It is highly praised for its white variegation, which adds more beauty to its lush green foliage.

As the plant matures, the white knight develops small leaves. The stems of this one-of-a-kind plant are also stunning. This plant features pinkish or reddish stems with creamy or white variegation.

It is also a slow grower that won’t require much care and maintenance. The plant also shows the typical cordate leaves of most philodendrons. It also has the exact basic needs of the rest of the tropical world.

Under the right growing conditions, this plant can exceed 3 meters in length. Its leaves can grow up to about half a meter long as well.

The Philodendron white knight is a charming plant that uses its foliage to grab attention. As for flowers, they are not a reason for buying this plant.

Like the rest of the philodendrons, it barely produces flowers indoors. And if it does, they are very small ones.

The white knight forms a unique collection of Philodendrons, along with the white wizard and white princess. This collection is commonly known as the triple crown philodendrons. 

Differences between Philodendron White Wizard and White Knight

When you look at the philodendron white wizard and white knight, you might think they are the same plant. However, a trained eye can easily tell you the differences. If you look closely at the details of each plant, you can find some differences on your own too.

1. Stem color

Inspecting the stems is one of the most straightforward ways of identifying these similar plants. The Philodendron white knight has attractive stems with deep red color.

The red stems also contain a bit of white. In a way, the white knight stems would remind you of those of a philodendron pink princess.

The stems of the Philodendron white wizard, on the other hand, are green. They also contain streaks of white, which resemble the striation on their leaf surface.

So, aside from the obvious white strikes, the original stem color is a noticeable identification mark.

2. Leaf shape

Well, undoubtedly, both plants have heart-shaped leaves. However, there is a slight difference in the overall shape.

For instance, the leaves of the white knight are a bit more elongated than those of the white wizard. The Philodendron white wizard has rounded leaves.

3. Leaf size

Another reliable indicator in this Philodendron white wizard and white knight comparison is the size of the leaves. The white knight is recognizable through its larger leaves.

A fully-grown white knight leaf is about 0.4 meters long. On the other hand, the white wizard’s mature leaves are nearly 6 cm long.

4. Variegation concentration

Both the Philodendron white wizard and the Philodendron white knight have variegated leaves. Both of them have white splashes on their leaf surfaces. However, they do not have the same concentrations of variegated spots.

The leaves of the Philodendron white wizard are more variegated than the white knight’s. This is due to the low concentrations of chlorophyll in its leaves.

5. Plant size

As juvenile plants, both can be small and fit easily on any tabletop. However, as they reach maturity, the white knight grows much larger than the white wizard. Under the right circumstances, a philodendron white wizard can get around 1.2 meters long.

On the other hand, Philodendron white knight reaches about 3 meters long. So, a fully-grown white knight is twice the size of a white wizard.

6. Growth style

Both plants are vines. So, their stems are fragile and are not able to be erect. They do not, however, grow in the same way. Philodendron white wizard is a creeper plant.

This means it grows along any surface, including grounds or walls. So, its spread pattern is only horizontal. The Philodendron white knight, on the other hand, is a classic climber. It grows only vertically.

Philodendron White Wizard vs White Knight: are they the same?

White Knight and Philodendron white wizards are not the same plants. They do come from the same family and genus. Both of them are toxic to pets and humans.

Additionally, both of them are hybrid, slow growers with white variegations. However, they feature many differences in their physical appearance.

The stem colors are reliable in telling both plants apart. The Philodendron white wizard has green stems with and (sometimes without) white variegation, while the white knight has deep red stems with white variegation.

The leaf size and the overall plant size of the white wizard are way smaller than the white knight.

As for the variegation spread, the white wizard has much more variegation than the white knight. Last but not least, the white wizard grows as a creeping vine, while the white knight grows as a climbing vine.

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